Saturday, August 30, 2003

Blood Lottery

Sometime early in my life I had a very odd and ugly thought (vision?), which seemed to have occurred to me rather randomly and for which I had no apparent use whatsoever at the time. The thought was of a mass of people, perhaps a civilization, all standing shoulder-to-shoulder, gathered in a field. An archer fired an arrow almost straight up and it came down into the people, randomly striking one of them dead. (Technically, the fatality seems unlikely; more probably a non-fatal wound would occur, but that's not important for allegorical purposes.) The rest of the people, upon the death of the unfortunate one, divided up the belongings of the deceased and then their lives went on as usual.

Obviously, I had never actually witnessed such an occurrence. (I remember an episode of Star Trek where virtual wars were fought and the victims were selected by lot from amongst the populace; maybe that influenced my imagination.) Now, though, I'm starting to see a grim similarity between this ugly vision and our reality, especially as regards our "justice" system. A victim is selected, for a reason or just because revenue is desired. Charges are drawn up -- or sometimes not -- and the victim's home is raided/stolen. Whatever property the victim had often becomes the spoils of the predatory agency/agencies. The enforcement of laws and regulations is arbitrary, and those who are spared as their neighbors are destroyed simply move on, glad that it wasn't them (and making a mental note to take extra care to keep their insurance premiums paid, get their taxes done on time and apply for all the appropriate licenses they'll need for that weekend outing coming up).

If this were acknowledged openly, it would be an affront to conscience, and so rationalization has practically become a national pastime. "Oh, he's one of those __________s; they deserve whatever they get." "You know, I heard something about him and that extremist group, you know, the ___________s, like he spoke at one of their conventions a couple years ago. I even saw him reading a book about that stuff. Serves him right!" "I'd been thinking for a long time that she wasn't treating her kids right. Now they've got her on charges of __________. I guess it's no real surprise." And off we all go, back to our happy lives, having found a fashionably distasteful demographic receptacle into which to toss the loser-du-jour in relative confidence that we'll never cross that line.

To understand what I mean, investigate any of the following recent victims: Thurston Bell, Irwin Schiff, Larken Rose, Will Gaston and family, Marcel Bendshadler and family, Roger Weidner, Gordon Kahl and family, David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, Randy Weaver and family, Terry Yeakey, or any one of the dozens of victims on the "Clinton body count" lists. I could add hundreds more names of our fellow Americans to this list! None were terrorists and none posed any threat to you. Yet you stood by and allowed the legal fictions of our governmental entities to run roughshod over their rights -- in YOUR (collective) NAME, and then LIE to you about it. Not even one of these stories should ever have happened, yet many of you who read this will have never even heard of many, or perhaps most, of these government victims.

This is self-destructive behavior. The beast which eats your neighbor today will be back for you tomorrow. To ignore that is to condemn yourself. I can't see any reason not to conclude that this is truly insanity, and it has become the norm.

Denial is healthy. Questioning is slander. War is peace(keeping). History is malleable. Ignorance is bliss. These are the beliefs of the misled and miseducated, and chief among them is the first, because it allows you to hide all of them from yourself.


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