Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Ilana Mercer has written a tremendous column analyzing the neocon problem with the Bush administration. You should read it and follow the links.

One of those links goes to a column by Thomas J. DiLorenzo which goes a long way toward destroying Irving Kristol's horrifying vision of neoconservative triumphalism. I would like to add one thing to DiLorenzo's column: it is important to understand the differences between "democracy" as a condition, "democracy" as a form of government, "republic" as a form of government and its corresponding "republicanism". Contemporary political speech often blurs all of these together under the single word "democracy", but they are not interchangeable. Orwell said that imprecision in speech and in thought go together, and I think he was quite right about that. Reverse the trend! Speak -- and think! -- precisely.


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