Saturday, September 06, 2003

These two articles object to the "far right" (what a joke that is) vision of the neoconservatives. I do too. Sadly, the alternative vision presented here is the leftist vision of the UN, global disarmament, yadda yadda yadda -- supremely evil as well. This is a FALSE DICHOTOMY. Left out of this examination entirely is the true American approach of non-interventionist strength (remember "don't tread on me"? national DEFENSE, not empire). These authors both seem to believe that the godly, Christian approach is to lionize MLKJ and other leftists and put the evil UN in charge of everything, and for that I must condemn their erroneous belief systems, even as I agree with their condemnation of the erroneous belief system of the neoconservatives -- including the current President. I want you to read these articles both because I agree with their identification and analysis of the problem and because I object just as strongly to their recommended solution, and also because I believe these are the only two directions which the American people will be offered by their globalist info-handlers.

The false dichotomy shaping up here is basically what I feared all along would result from a unilateral US invasion of Iraq. Where are the traditional Americanist voices? Who will raise that flag now?

Remember, I agree with their objections but I disagree with their recommendations.
Jamie W. "visualize honest media" Jackson

"Power is of a grasping, encroaching nature... (it) aims at extending itself
and operating according to mere will, whenever it meets with no balance,
check, constraint, or opposition of any kind."
--Jonathan Mayhew

The Project for a New American Empire

Who are these guys? And why do they think they can rule the world?
by Duane Shank


Dangerous Religion: George W. Bush's theology of empire.
by Jim Wallis


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