Saturday, November 29, 2003

In case it wasn't obvious, my previous comment was sarcastic.

Now comes news that the Kenneth Trentadue death is being re-investigated. I first read about this ugly case back around 1998 or so. Any honest, objective observer can see there is something more to the story than a simple suicide. Like the Vince Foster death, this death and ensuing cover-up serves as a glaring example of what government -- including "our" government -- will do when it thinks it can get away with it. The surprise to me isn't the brutality of Trentadue's death (although that did come as a shock when I first heard about it; I've seen a lot since then that I hadn't previously), it's that the case is suddenly being reexamined after these handful of years, apparently due to political pressure from the Trentadue family and others. THIS IS VERY GOOD NEWS. It means that, in at least this one case, politicians will listen if we scream loudly enough.

Here's the story.

You're encouraged to research the case further; try here and here for starters. The second link contains pictures which should be viewed at your discretion.


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