Friday, December 26, 2003

I hope your Christmas was happy, safe, and blessed with all other attributes of how life ought to be (but can't and won't ever fully be while it remains in its present fallen state). The day is meant to serve as a reminder that God is working to repair the Fall. I hope, too, that you took -- or take -- time to reflect on that amidst the commercial bustle and family arrangements which tend to crowd it out.

Today I have just one quick thought: beware of "folksy" language employed in an argument. It often masks a weak point. Colloquialisms tend to procure sympathetic reactions in people (at least in us commoners ;-), and this can be taken advantage of by someone who wants you to accept his point but lacks the substance to establish it through valid argumentation. If someone tries this with you, take a good look at his point and be sure it holds up even without the chummy veneer. (One way to do this is to try "re-explaining" it yourself in a more analytical tone; if you can't, or it doesn't seem credible that way, you'd better go back and look harder at the source. Either you didn't "get it" or else it just isn't solid.)


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