Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Outrage comes easily and naturally against evil which harms us or impairs our enjoyment of life. What, though, about evil which brings with it some benefit, whether real or perceived? How do we tend to respond to that? It is certainly well within the definition of the concept of temptation. We ought to be as outraged about "beneficial evil" as we are about "detrimental evil", and perhaps even more so. After all, if it brings no benefit, then everyone will denounce it, there being no inducement in any other direction. But when evil comes bearing gifts, some will always succumb to its entreaties. It's then that the rectitude of moral sobriety is most needed. Even if you are the only one to speak out, you still must do so; if there is no contrary voice, weaker innocents will have no cover and will tend to quail miserably within the safety of the multitude.


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