Saturday, December 20, 2003

While reading the latest alarmist email about how our country is in need of our patriotic spirit in order to save us from moral and spiritual decay (all of which is true, but that's not my point right now), I found myself again feeling the perpetual emotional sine wave of the Remnant. That is, optimism founded in the knowledge that tyranny doesn't work and that God's laws will triumph no matter what the enemy tries, trading off with despair at how, no matter how much we push, we can't seem to turn the ship of state -- or society -- around from its destructive course. Around and around those feelings go, and neither can vanquish the other.

Maybe because I live in the Beaver State, an image came to mind of a beaver gnawing on a tree. When he takes a bite of a tree, especially if it's the first bite, he knows that bite may do nothing in itself. The tree won't fall down from one bite. But, eventually, after a whole bunch of bites, it will. The last bite may not even feel like the last bite while it's being taken, but then... keeee-RACK! Down comes the tree, and, what do you know, that was the last bite! Exactly which bite will bring it down, the beaver probably has no clue. But -- and here's our object lesson -- he doesn't care. He just keeps on gnawing until it does fall down.

I'm not sure what the moral of the story is, in soundbite form. "Tyranny bites"? "Take a bite for freedom today"? "Hey jackboots, chew on THIS!"? "Dam this tyranny, and the 'national security emergency powers' it rode in on"? You can probably come up with something too. What I do know is, if we keep on gnawing, eventually it's going to fall.

(Note: no animals were harmed during production of this blog entry. Well, at least not here.)


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