Thursday, February 19, 2004

Buchanan Squashes the NeoCons

From every page of this book there oozes a sense of urgency that borders on the desperate for action this day: "We can feel the will to win ebbing in Washington, we sense the reversion to the bad old habits of complacency and denial."

When I was young(er), I went out looking for a job. One place I looked into, not knowing any better at that point, was an outfit whose name escapes me but whose business was sending out trained -- or at least eager -- salespeople driving refrigerated trucks every day all over the city in order to cajole unsuspecting locals into making ad hoc frozen meat purchases by telling them -- falsely -- that the meat was an unexpected surplus and had to be moved pronto. Truly, a less suitable candidate than I for such a position would be challenging to locate. Still, I knew no better, so in I went to find out what this job was about (the ad was neither as vivid nor as candid as my description above). An unusually high number of impressions of my single day there remain with me despite over a decade having passed since. One of the strongest, and perhaps the one which will outlast all the others, is what I saw when I happened to look up at a largish sign hung on the wall above an interior door. There was a list of directives on it, and I can't recall any but the first line. Its zeal struck me as curious, and it said simply:

1. Create a sense of urgency.

I never received any material compensation for my brief time with these folks, but the lesson learned from having that "prime directive" stuck in my head as I rode along in the field for an afternoon with an experienced frozen meat pimp watching him work his wonders in spontaneous "crisis" creation is one upon which I can put no price, because, having seen that, these neocons are as transparent to me as a poorly-faked Nigerian yellowcake receipt. Sure, their prices are higher, and international war is a quicker -- and more exciting! -- killer than clogged arteries, but the tactic is unmistakeable.

No more warmongering neocon PNAC chickenhawks. No more Bush-Cheney to put them in power (and then try to scapegoat them?). NO MORE LIARS.

Read this tremendous essay. Then, help me throw these evil people out.


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