Sunday, March 07, 2004

The revolution is about to begin.

Dear Subscriber,

As promised (and only six days late), it's time to give you folks a glimpse
of what the Flash presentation (formerly the "secret weapon") is going to
be. As I mentioned before, all you get now is the intro (which makes a nice
teaser), but it shouldn't be TOO long until the whole thing is finished.

Now for the bad news (again):

1) As I mentioned before, those without broadband will be doing a fair
amount of thumb-twiddling while the thing loads. The intro alone takes
about one minute with broadband... which I think comes to about 73 days for
dial-up. (Okay, so it's not quite that bad.)

2) The vast majority of web browsers should happily view the thing
automatically. If for some reason you have trouble, I'm NOT the one to ask
about it. There are always glitches at first with stuff like this, but when
it's released, we'll find a way so that everyone on the planet can easily
view it. (If you can't view it now, the server it's on may just be
temporarily overwhelmed.)

The whole presentation will be around 50 minutes (not the originally planned
30), but it will be interesting, substantive, and not overly-technical (i.e.
it won't put people to sleep with legalese explanations).

Again, if you want to pre-order mini-CDs, below is the address for doing it.
(We're still not sure when it will be completed, and when the mini-CDs can
start being shipped.) For pre-orders, please make checks, money orders,
etc., payable to "" (NOT TO ME) and send them here:
P.O. Box 25185
Kansas City, MO 64119

If you want to make contributions, but don't need a zillion discs yourself,
you can certainly send donations there too, but please make sure the guy
there can tell whether you're donating or pre-ordering. The following are
the prices for the disks:

100 mini-CDs: $ 45
1,000 mini-CDs: $320

(Okay, there was an inbetween deal, and I forget what it was at the moment.
I'll tell you again shortly.)

There will be more options later, for buying less than 100, or more than
1,000. (Anyone who just wants one, we'll be sending them out free when it's

Oh yeah.... I guess giving you the link to the presentation might be a good
idea. Here is where it is for now:

I hope you like it.


Larken Rose

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