Friday, May 21, 2004

Prestige Gloss Finish

I got a photo in the mail yesterday. It's a photo of George W. and Laura Bush, and there's a note at the bottom thanking me for my "early commitment and dedication" to the Bush 04 effort. (That I've made no such commitment or dedication, of course, is meaningless to them.) There's nothing particularly striking about the photo; in fact it's perhaps most remarkable in its unremarkableness: it looks like it could be anybody's family photo, just blown up a bit larger and printed on nice paper (with a campaign note added underneath ;-). What caught my eye was when I absent-mindedly turned the photo over just now and saw what was printed on the back: Prestige Gloss Finish. Now, I know next to nothing about photography (with apologies to my high school photography teacher, whose fine efforts have simply been overcome, in my case, by time and lack of practice); I assume Prestige Gloss Finish has some particular meaning in photography-land. Either that, or it's a brand name or registered term. In any case, it just struck me as an apt phrase to associate with this President. His prestige certainly has a glossy finish to it; in fact, when you rub off the glossy finish, the prestige disappears with it.

I don't know if there's a moral to this, but I do know Prestige Gloss Finish is no substitute for truth and integrity. I also know George and Laura Bush have as much chance of me helping them as I do of them helping me.


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