Thursday, September 16, 2004

From the Hilton interview:

AJ: Mr. Hilton, when you talk to these FBI agents, when you talk to these military men and women, what’s their attitude? They’ve got to be pretty freaked out to have the big picture and know what actually happened on 9/11.

SH: Yes, you know it’s like clouds just before a thunderstorm in the sense that they are sort of pregnant with rage. They are just enraged at the criminal politicians who have perverted and misused the government to murder its own citizens and pursue these dubious political ends. And many of them, in increasing numbers, are willing to talk and will talk under subpoena – but only under subpoena because the official party line of the government is shut up and don’t talk to the trial lawyer. But more and more, they are very outraged that part of the government has done this to its own people, to its own people. I mean you have to go back to Stalin to see something – not even Hitler did this to his own people. You have to look at Stalin who murdered the Kulaks, the Russians for his own dubious gains. Also we’ve got – we have a Stalinist mentality in this country. And, if these people pose as patriots and wrap themselves in the flag, it’s disgusting.

I (Jamie) recently met a man at a party who said he worked for the federal government. He told me more specifically where but that's not important here. What is noteworthy is that he was clearly bothered by the Bush administration's (IOW his employer's) policy that all employees *will* parrot the party line on everything. Nobody was discussing that, but he brought it up during a conversation a handful of us were having about something somehow tangentially related to that. He offered his opinion freely, and I can accurately state that my impression of him was that he was "pregnant with rage" or perhaps something in his case less intense than that but of the same emotional essence. He was ready and even intently eager to talk about his frustration about that.

That conversation had nothing to do with 9/11, but it came to mind as I read the comments from Hilton about how the FBI agents feel. If the guy I met was upset, I can only imagine how someone with knowledge of 9/11 skullduggery must feel!!


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