Monday, November 29, 2004

KE: I am basing this on my study of Supreme Court decisions that deal with the issue of taxation....

MT: So, as far as you know you're the first, to venture into this trail.

KE: I'm not sure exactly....your question is kind of vague.

MT: Well, the argument that you are using, that you're not require to file a tax return because you don't have whatever it is....

KE: Taxable income.

MT: Taxable income. There is no court case that broaches that same argument.

KE: I tried to bring the court case and the judge wouldn't address the issue.

MT: Ok.

Ever wondered what would happen if someone who knew their stuff tried to talk with IRS agents about section 861? Here's the answer.

P.S. "whatever it is"? LOL.


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