Monday, January 23, 2006

I was so upset with this shocking attitude that I went home and ripped to pieces the photo of Hubbard I had on the wall. Next day I drove to Orlando just to get away from Clearwater and Flag land Base. When I returned I found Mary Voegeding, President of Flag Service Org and Danny Keough inside my apartment building. They had gained access by sneaking in through a side door and past another security door. I did not invite the up to my apartment as they were not welcome. I spoke to them for a while in the lobby area and then asked them to leave.

They merely wanted to make sure I would not cause a local public relations "flap". They were not interested in my well-being.

That last sentence would sum up all my experiences with Scientology.

24 years
-- including attaining the vaunted "O.T. VIII" -- summed up with that? Ouch. Interesting guy (and good artist), horrifying cult, good read.


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