Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I just love it when the news is good. (Seems all too rare lately.) PTL!

Dear Friends,

We had our appointment with doctors today. They removed the cast and underneath it were two of the most beautiful fingers that I have ever seen!!! The ring finger looked almost perfect pink and looking at the top of it you almost couldn't see the suture lines! The middle finger has a blister on it and they say that for this kind of injury that is normal and that it should resolve itself.

We also found out that the injury was more severe that we had though from the explanation that the surgeon had given us. His fingers had actually been cut off between the first and second knuckle. Praise the Lord that He is healing those little fingers!

They have put on a new cast and this time they have closed the end of it. That is a little nerve racking. I want to see his pink little fingers!!

We have an appointment in three weeks and they are going to remove the cast and the pins and just put some small bandages over the fingers at that time. Please continue to pray that his fingers will be all the way healed. As for me this is a confirmation of the peace and assurance that the Lord gave me about the restoration of those little fingers.

I am so blessed to have this good news to report!!! We are so very, very thankful to have received all of the prayers and encouragement!! Thank you all! The Lord has given us so much grace and peace.

I am sorry to wait until late today to send this out. A good friend of mine died over he weekend and I have been helping to plan the service (which was tonight) so it has been a very long day.

God Bless,

Jeremy and Amber Bowen

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The latest:
From: Jeremy Bowen / JAB Media
To: Jeremy Bowen
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 2:18 PM
Subject: Baby Zacharias

Dear Friends,

Zacharias is doing very well. Yesterday and today he has been playful and happy although today he has been a little cranky :) He has learned how to balance out the heavy cast that he has on his arm and he is toddling around quite well and really seems just like his old self.

We can't really see his fingers because of the cast so we are not really sure what is going on there. He is running and has been running (since Wednesday evening) a temperature not a really high temperature but enough to concern us. One of the side effects of the medication that they had him on is constipation so that is hard and we are a little concerned that he has not been going as much as we would like. We have been giving him yogurt and stuff trying to get his little digestive system to kick into high gear.

They gave him massive anti-biotics in the hospital but did not give him any to take home so part of our concern over his temperature is possible infection.

We relish your prayers. Mom and I are having a hard time.

Please pray that his fingers will heal so that on Tuesday when we go to see the surgeons again that they will not need to amputate the finger tips. Please pray that his temperature will not climb and that there will be no problems with infections or any illnesses that can be caused by the wound or the hospital stay.

I hate to even ask but if anyone lives close to us, I could use someone to help out with Micah so Mama can spend time with Zacharias or sleep or whatever. I am more that will to pay for this, so if some responsible teenage girl wants to make a little (very little :)> ) money that would be great. A couple of faithful women and their daughters have already helped us and we so appreciate that. what would be really great is if we could get someone to take a night shift with him. He is sleeping through the night pretty well but Mama cannot get restful sleep because she worries about him.

We are so very thankful that the Lord Jesus spared him from further injury. It could have been much, much worse. The Lord is very faithful and I know that he is working an eternal work in us through this time. I praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy. I know that this will draw us closer to Him. I pray that he will build our faith.

Praise God for His mercy and grace,

Jeremy Bowen

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The latest update:

The baby was his normal self today! he was laughing and wanted to play. Praise the Lord.

My major concern now is that the blood flow is not looking as good to the finger tips that were re-attached. The surgeon did not give much hope of the fingertips reviving.

Please, please pray that the Great Surgeon that formed this child will heal his little fingers. Please pray that the blood flow will be strong.

We are trying to make arrangements to get him into a hyperbaric chamber tomorrow so that the blood flow and oxygenation to the fingers will increase, please pray that the Lord will make a way there. We have a tentative appointment and a tentative referral from our regular doctor. Please pray that the Lord will heal the tissue through tonight and that the fingers will respond well to the hyperbaric treatment.

Please pray for Amber and me. We are really struggling, we really need peace. I felt the Lord give me peace for the restoration of those fingers yesterday and I need some reassurance. Please pray for us.

We have laid hands on him and prayed and the scripture promises healing.


You'll know when I know...

Little Zacharias came home today. The lastest news at his release was that the surgeon does not think that the fingers will "take." But please continue to pray that they will! God is able!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Seven buses transported nearly 2,000 rally attendees for free, said John Whittington, a spokesman for the transit district.

"The additional drivers we called in are operators who are paid while on stand-by status, so there was no additional cost in that respect," Whittington said. "The costs we did incur were fuel costs, and we estimate that to be around $2,000."

Which rally? The illegal alien rally. Yes, Salemites, we paid to add people to that rally, and nobody was arrested or even interrogated. Dummies-R-Us.
This just in from Lon & Bonnie Mabon:

Dear Folks,

Please pray NOW for Jeremy & Amber Bowen's youngest son, 16 month old Zacharias who caught his hand in a machine and is at the emergency room as I write. Two of his fingers were very badly cut. Pray that the doctors can reattach and God will heal any effects. And pray for peace for Jeremy and Amber as they trust God during this time.

Lon & Bonnie

And one update so far:
Dear Folks,

Please keep praying tonight and tomorrow. The tips of his two middle fingers on the left hand, under the nail and above the knuckle were mostly severed. The doctors have put them back on, and have said they are "pinking up" and then losing their color again. If they stay pink they will stay on, otherwise will have to be removed again tomorrow.

Jeremy and Amber are so thankful for your prayers!

We'll let you know more as we hear more.


(Ouch. Poor little guy!!! FWIW, I have met Lon & Bonnie, but not Zacharias. I don't recall whether I've met either of his parents.)

Also, on a much happier note, "America: From Freedom to Fascism, Volume 1" has been accepted into the Cannes film festival and Aaron will be there to present it. Aaron was George Noory's guest for all 3 hours of Coast to Coast AM Monday night, and it was a great show.