Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I just love it when the news is good. (Seems all too rare lately.) PTL!

Dear Friends,

We had our appointment with doctors today. They removed the cast and underneath it were two of the most beautiful fingers that I have ever seen!!! The ring finger looked almost perfect pink and looking at the top of it you almost couldn't see the suture lines! The middle finger has a blister on it and they say that for this kind of injury that is normal and that it should resolve itself.

We also found out that the injury was more severe that we had though from the explanation that the surgeon had given us. His fingers had actually been cut off between the first and second knuckle. Praise the Lord that He is healing those little fingers!

They have put on a new cast and this time they have closed the end of it. That is a little nerve racking. I want to see his pink little fingers!!

We have an appointment in three weeks and they are going to remove the cast and the pins and just put some small bandages over the fingers at that time. Please continue to pray that his fingers will be all the way healed. As for me this is a confirmation of the peace and assurance that the Lord gave me about the restoration of those little fingers.

I am so blessed to have this good news to report!!! We are so very, very thankful to have received all of the prayers and encouragement!! Thank you all! The Lord has given us so much grace and peace.

I am sorry to wait until late today to send this out. A good friend of mine died over he weekend and I have been helping to plan the service (which was tonight) so it has been a very long day.

God Bless,

Jeremy and Amber Bowen


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