Thursday, May 18, 2006

The latest update:

The baby was his normal self today! he was laughing and wanted to play. Praise the Lord.

My major concern now is that the blood flow is not looking as good to the finger tips that were re-attached. The surgeon did not give much hope of the fingertips reviving.

Please, please pray that the Great Surgeon that formed this child will heal his little fingers. Please pray that the blood flow will be strong.

We are trying to make arrangements to get him into a hyperbaric chamber tomorrow so that the blood flow and oxygenation to the fingers will increase, please pray that the Lord will make a way there. We have a tentative appointment and a tentative referral from our regular doctor. Please pray that the Lord will heal the tissue through tonight and that the fingers will respond well to the hyperbaric treatment.

Please pray for Amber and me. We are really struggling, we really need peace. I felt the Lord give me peace for the restoration of those fingers yesterday and I need some reassurance. Please pray for us.

We have laid hands on him and prayed and the scripture promises healing.




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