Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This just in from Lon & Bonnie Mabon:

Dear Folks,

Please pray NOW for Jeremy & Amber Bowen's youngest son, 16 month old Zacharias who caught his hand in a machine and is at the emergency room as I write. Two of his fingers were very badly cut. Pray that the doctors can reattach and God will heal any effects. And pray for peace for Jeremy and Amber as they trust God during this time.

Lon & Bonnie

And one update so far:
Dear Folks,

Please keep praying tonight and tomorrow. The tips of his two middle fingers on the left hand, under the nail and above the knuckle were mostly severed. The doctors have put them back on, and have said they are "pinking up" and then losing their color again. If they stay pink they will stay on, otherwise will have to be removed again tomorrow.

Jeremy and Amber are so thankful for your prayers!

We'll let you know more as we hear more.


(Ouch. Poor little guy!!! FWIW, I have met Lon & Bonnie, but not Zacharias. I don't recall whether I've met either of his parents.)

Also, on a much happier note, "America: From Freedom to Fascism, Volume 1" has been accepted into the Cannes film festival and Aaron will be there to present it. Aaron was George Noory's guest for all 3 hours of Coast to Coast AM Monday night, and it was a great show.


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