Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good news!!

Dear Friends,

Zacharias had his cast taken off today. Praise the Lord his fingers don't look normal but for what they have been through they look GREAT!

The surgeon looked at them closely and he muttered "Amazing." He was not confidant in the surgery but the Lord did his work and those little fingers are still firmly attached and healing.

The skin is peeling off and we are told that the nails will probably fall off and grow back but they are healing.

Praise the Lord for those little fingers!!!

The surgeon was amazed and we are amazed. Praise God.

Please pray that the Lord will help us to get the bills paid off. We are up to about $15,200 with the bills we have received and that does not include the bill from the surgeon or his clinic yet. But we are happy with the outcome and the Lord will provide.

Thank you for your prayers,

Jeremy, Amber, Micah and Zacharias Bowen


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