Sunday, October 15, 2006

What does subversion look like? Is it beady eyes, a trenchcoat, and a curly twirlable mustache, in a greasy back alley? Or is it just some nondescript guy you've never heard of, in a nice suit?

There's your subverter, fellow Americans. His name is Thomas Shannon. Read his words for yourself -- and remember, the whole Bush administration is chock full of people who think exactly the same way. (Extra credit: notice the new Pearl Harbor nakedly invoked as the default justification for everything -- in this case, subversion. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. "9/11 changed everything." It's a perpetual "get out of scrutiny free" card.) Count the Hegelian buzzwords in this speech, note the total absence of even lip service to the Constitution, and then remind me why it matters that "Republicans" are in control of the federal government -- a government we no longer control and which is busy rendering itself irrelevant in a Rockefellerite "regional governance" scheme in which you will have no voice whatsoever (but which will nonetheless proudly label itself "democracy").

As the events of 9/11 demonstrated, the Western Hemisphere is confronting a new set of challenges that require an unprecedented degree of regional cooperation and coordination, according to Shannon. And the region's leaders have responded by recognizing that democracy, development and security are inextricably linked throughout the hemisphere, he said.

"[W]e live in a hemisphere that is democratic, a hemisphere that is committed to free markets, that is committed to economic integration," said Shannon. "From my point of view, in many ways this hemisphere has already gone through what we would call the first generation of transformational challenges by committing itself to democracy, by committing itself to fundamental human rights, and by building a consensus -- however debated it is, ... it's still a consensus -- around an economic model and an approach to economic growth."

Read the whole speech. This would outrage the founding fathers. Does anyone even care, now?


Blogger Denny said...

I care.

11:28 PM, October 20, 2006  
Blogger Jamie said...

Well, there's 1....

I'm glad the comments function is finally operative!!

1:45 PM, October 23, 2006  

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