Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The record couldn’t be more clear on the “North American Union” – there’s no one anywhere near the Bush administration, the Congress of the United States, Cabinet departments or even major think tanks who believes it’s a good idea to merge Canada, Mexico and the U.S. Yes, there was one article in the journal Foreign Affairs that suggested further reducing trade barriers and economic obstacles in the style of the European Union, but that article drew spirited opposition and condemnation from readers of the same magazine and other members of the Council on Foreign Relations. The goal of “North American Union” is far from a policy aim of the Council on Foreign Relations, let alone of the US government.
--Michael Medved

It's difficult to believe Medved could possibly be that uninformed, especially when he's analyzing internal CFR give and take on the very subject in question. I have to conclude, if only tentatively, that he's simply lying (while insisting, in the same column, that he "will never lie" to us). Jerome Corsi has posted an extensively-documented rebuttal.

Interestingly, Medved recommends going to US government web sites for the truth about this subject (and it looks like he's relying on the "Myths vs. Facts" page which we recently deconstructed at our Monday night Constitution class -- and which Tom DeWeese deconstructs here), yet he still claims to be "a conservative Republican". Conservatism sure isn't what it used to be!

BTW, the comments to Medved's rant are worth reading. After a few (nervously salted?) early "rah rah" replies, most of them make mincemeat of Medved's garbage. One in particular stands out, though:

Michael Medved writes: Tuesday, January, 02, 2007 10:26 PM

Conspriacy Day Wednesday!
Let all the true believers in the dire "SPP" and "NAU" menace call the radio show on Wednesday, January 3...With a full moon in the sky, bring your factual ammunition and make your case(we'll put you right through) as to why sane, adult Americans should feel the slightest fear over this purported threat.
Call now! Neocon cutoff-button operators are standing by! ;-)


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