Saturday, January 13, 2007

Several bits of news on the freedom front:

Ron Paul for president? What would that be worth to you? What would the campaign itself be worth to you? Think it over and prepare to chip in.

Larken Rose is out of "prison" and resuming the battle to educate America. Looks like his web site is still missing; if it's put back up I'll let you know. (I should have included a way to sign up for his email list, but I deleted his email before starting this entry; I'll try to add that later.)

"America: Freedom to Fascism" is available on DVD (and, obviously, Google video) and efforts are ongoing to get it to as many Americans as possible. It's received extremely high marks on Google and has made the top 100 there more than once, placing it alongside "Loose Change" and "Terrorstorm" as one of the most popular current freedom-oriented movies.

UPDATE: Here's the address to get on Larken's (one-way) email list: Also, here's Tessa's address:

Tessa Rose 59518-066
Danbury FCI (Camp)
Federal Correctional Institution
Route 37
Danbury, CT 06811


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